Cafeteria at G D Goenka

“Your child’s well being is important to us”, keeping this in mind we have a spacious cafeteria that serve a wholesome meal encouraging children to make nutritionally balanced food choices.Variety of healthy and nutritional options are made available for all the meals. The cafeteria starts in the morning, serving breakfast to all the children, teachers and administrative staff. The premises are cleaned round the clock and maintained to the highest hygienic standards. To supervise students during lunchtime, class teachers are appointed for monitoring each table. Children are trained to keep themselves clean and display correct dining manners.


We have an on-site kitchen that caters daily hot meals for the entire school students, teaching staff and admin staff.

The menu is changed as and when required (to break the monotony) by the food committee which comprises of student representatives, the administrative staff, the cafeteria manager and the principal.

For the rightfully concerned parents, eager to know what their children partake during the course of a school day, we have put the sample menu on the school website for easy dissemination.