Welcome to G D Goenka Public School

Our purpose is to create leaders in global community.

As a part of preparing the Goenkans as future leaders and prepare them for the 21st century, we at GDGPSB have prepared a robust programme so that our students get to develop leadership skills right from childhood.

Most of the Next-Gen students do have in mind an idol may be in the form of a teacher, peer members, celebrities, or elected officials. Once they have them in their mind, one must close their eyes, and ask themselves three important questions :

  • What makes these people good leaders?
  • What about them inspires you to follow their lead?
  • How can you use their stories to inspire yours?

Well, the definition of leadership speaks to its core sentiment and tells us that you don’t need a fancy title to be considered a leader. You don’t have to be the student Council Member to be a leader at your school. You just need to be someone who cares about a cause enough to ask others to join you.

Best emerging school with progressive curriculum Awarded by Asian Education Summit 2022

Commitment to quality

G D Goenka Group of Education is well known for setting new milestones of excellence in Education. With globalization and universalization as their buzz words, the group has always strived for excellence, since its inception in the early eighties.
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Integrity, insight and inclusiveness are the three essential qualities of leadership.

At GDGPSB, we do make it a point to provide platforms to students where they learn to develop their leadership skills in form of class monitors, assembly leaders, programme organisers etc.

The major competencies which the Geonkans strive to develop are :–

  • To have exceptional communication skills, which enables them to share their vision of the future with others.
  • To be able to motivate others to get on board and work hard to achieve communal goals.
  • To embody a mission beyond themselves and refrain from letting their ego get in the way.
  • To become good listeners, who are willing to respond to feedback from others and admit when they’ve made a mistake. Their eagerness to learn and commitment to continuous improvement fuels their productivity.