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Safety and Security

our future generations, is to simulate awareness to be ‘Safe and Secure’ at all times.

Student safety is of prime concern at GDGPSB as there is nothing more precious to a parent and teacher than a child and nothing more important for our future than the safety of all our children. The ‘Primary Responsibility’ for GDGPSB which nurtures our future generations, is to simulate awareness to be ‘Safe and Secure’ at all times. School safety, Crisis management, Emergency preparedness are more than just processes in our school today.

We take all necessary steps to enhance overall security management in the campus. Our security staff abide strictly by the security policy and demonstrate fairness and consistency.

Student Safety accountability

    • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): The entire campus is under the CCTV surveillance and coverage with no blind spot left out.


    • Fire Safety & Safety Drills: Fire safety devices are installed on each floor with regular Inspection and maintenance of equipment’s. Regular mock-drills and training sessions are conducted for both – the students and the staff.




    • Medical Room: The school has a fully functional medical room under the watchful eyes of a well-qualified and trained nurse to cater to any health concern of the students. Our School Infirmary is well-equipped with all First-Aid and Emergency requirements such as Oxygen Cylinder, Wheelchair, Foldable Stretcher and all mandatory medicines.
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): ERP is implemented for better safety & security of students. Parents are updated on daily basis through ERP about their ward’s attendance.
  • School Transport: Safe transportation of our students is of paramount importance to us. All our school AC Buses are well equipped with CCTV Camera, Speed Governor, Fire Extinguishers, Medical Kit and a GPS system