Best Emerging School with a Progressive curriculum

Art Education

At G D Goenka Public School, Bhubaneswar, the arts (fine arts, drama, music, movement) have always been an integrated part of our curriculum. We weave the arts into our core classroom curricula as well as teach specific artistic skills and abilities. The following points highlights the need of ART Integrated Curriculum across grades.

  1. Through various forms of art, Goenkans develop creative problem-solving skills.
  2. Teaching through the arts presents difficult concepts visually, making them more easy to understand.
  3. Art instruction helps our children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness.
  4. Visual arts teach all our learners about color, layout, perspective, and balance: all techniques that are necessary in presentations (visual, digital) of academic work.
  5. Arts experiences boost critical thinking, teaching students to take the time to be more careful and thorough in how they observe the world.
  6. Art education connects students with their own culture as well as with the wider world.
  7. Students who are artistically inclined learn a particular concept better with different art forms.

Best Emerging School with a Progressive curriculum

Commitment to quality

Engaging with art is essential to the human experience. Almost as soon as motor skills are developed, children communicate through artistic expression. The arts challenge us with different points of view, compel us to empathize with “others,” and give us the opportunity to reflect on the human condition.

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Best Emerging School with a Progressive curriculum

Reasons Why Arts In Education Are Important

Arts learning can also increase confidence, concentration, motivation, and teamwork. Art is essential for students here to know the reasons why arts in education are important. Engagement in the arts is linked to math, reading, critical thinking, cognitive ability, and verbal skill. Arts education assists in encouraging a positive culture and climate in schools.

When schools integrate the arts across the curriculum, disciplinary referrals reduce while the effectiveness of instruction and teacher’s ability to meet the requirements of all students increase.

The arts is hands-on, have immediate rewards, concentrate on positive achievements, develop concrete products, and encourage collaboration. The arts offer several chances for students to demonstrate their talents by authentic performance.

The art allows children to develop confidence and learn how to think positively about themselves and learning. Arts education assists make learning matter to the student by offering them a medium to connect new knowledge to personal experience and express what they have learned to others. When it comes to productive skills in a student’s art subject has huge importance.