Dr. Prasant Mohapatra

President of the Governing Board, G D Goenka Public School, Bhubaneswar

It is a distinct pleasure and honor for us to envision the creation of one of the finest learning facilities for children during their early years of navigation through the vast ocean of knowledge. The very first and the only G D Goenka Public School in the State of Odisha will strive toward providing K-12 education that will have a deeper and broader impact on the future of our students. The G D Goenka Public School of Bhubaneswar (GDGPSB) has unparalleled facilities, experienced teachers, dedicated staff, and an accomplished and dedicated leadership team.

We want to provide a unique and comprehensive learning experience to the leaders of tomorrow that will drive them through the continuous path of creativity and dissemination of knowledge. Education is the most powerful medium and is the process, which can make a positive impact on you and the world around you. Our motto will be to empower the students to learn and explore the knowledge space and think beyond any boundaries. Molding and nurturing the young minds to practice innovation and creativity through hands-on experiences will be the primary focus of GDGPS. We will focus on the holistic growth of students. In addition to academics and athletics, we will target the building of leadership characters, moral values, and ethical thoughts and practices.

Dr. Prasant Mohapatra

Excellence is a habit and needs to be cultivated. While the fruits are visible, the perseverance and determination behind making it happen is usually not easy to comprehend. The GDGB team will work dedicatedly with all the students – no one left behind – to persevere and be determined to pursue excellence in their areas of interest. We will strive to facilitate your will to win, your desire to succeed, and aspirations to reach your full potential.

Prof. Prasant Mohapatra is currently the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of California, Davis, USA. He is also a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science and served in other leadership roles of Chairman, Dean and Vice-Provost. He has been involved in academics for more than three decades and has leadership experience in building up multiple academic organizations. In addition to being an internationally recognized researcher and proven leader, Professor Mohapatra is very passionate about K-12 schools and believes in holistic education and learning experience for students from all background. He was born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and has developed a flair for international vision through his travel and engagements in more than 50 countries.

Dr. Mohapatra’s research interests are in the areas of wireless networks, mobile communications, cybersecurity, and Internet protocols. He has published more than 400 papers in reputed conferences and journals on these topics. Dr. Mohapatra has also held Visiting Professor/Scientist positions at Intel Corporation, Panasonic Technologies, Institute of Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore, Yonsei University and KAIST, South Korea, and National Information and Communication Technology Australia (NICTA).

Dr. Mohapatra received an Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award from the Pennsylvania State University in 2008. He is also the recipient of Distinguished Alumnus Award from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India. Dr. Mohapatra received an Outstanding Research Faculty Award from the College of Engineering at the University of California, Davis. He received the HP Labs Innovation awards in 2011, 2012, and 2013. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a Fellow of AAAS. Dr. Mohapatra also received the Biju Pattnaik Lifetime Scientific Excellence Award from the State of Odisha, India.

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