Alok Dash 

CEO, G D Goenka Public School, Bhubaneswar

Dear Parents,

We all Goenkans feel privileged and honored to be a part of this strong and vi brunt school community – a community that pursues excellence in teaching and learning whilst nurturing the social and emotional needs of students to support them to become confident and resilient individuals. We pride ourselves in providing a school with a warm, safe and happy environment where students feel welcome and are cared for. Our aim is to provide opportunities that extend and challenge every student to exceed their potential and achieve personal, social and academic success. Our dedicated staff always strive for high standards in teaching and learning by continually improving their own professional knowledge and expertise to ensure students are provided with a high-quality education. As the CEO of G D Goenka Public School, Bhubaneswar, it is my role to oversee the overall direction of the organization and to ensure its continuity, in all areas. We believe that every child can exceed expectations, and that the fundamental aspect of cooperation between home and school plays an important role in building trust and strengthening morale for all parties concerned, thus enabling our students to reach their highest potential to successfully shape their future, consequently, the future of our community and our nation. Working in partnership with you for your child’s education is paramount to achieving the success we pursue. I invite prospective parents and students to visit our school and look forward to working closely with you.

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