12th of August 2023

On the 12th of August 2023, Goenka School’s seminar hall witnessed a colorful and spirited event – the Inter-House Folk Dance Competition. This competition showcased the diverse talents and cultural richness of our students. Participants from all four houses – Radhakrishnan, Tagore, Teresa and Vivekananda – took the stage, infusing life into the school’s atmosphere.

**Eminent Chief Guest:**
The event was honored by the presence of Dr. Manoranjan Pradhan a distinguished Reader from the Odissi dance department at Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar. Dr. Pradhan the Chief Guest, brought a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of dance. He not only graced the occasion but also played the crucial role of the judge for the competition.

**The Power of Dance Expression:**
Dr. Pradhan’s presence added a touch of professionalism to the event. His insightful remarks shed light on the significance of dance as an art form. He emphasized how a dancer’s expression and movements are instrumental in portraying different roles and emotions through this captivating medium.

**Enthusiastic Participation:**
The students from all four houses exhibited their unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to dance. Each house presented a unique folk dance, showcasing their cultural heritage and traditions. The participants put their best foot forward, creating a captivating spectacle for the audience.

**A Vibrant Atmosphere:**
The entire ambience was infused with vibrant energy as the students moved gracefully to the beats of traditional folk music. The audience, comprised mainly of fellow Goenkans, added to the festive atmosphere with their claps and cheerful giggles, encouraging the dancers at every step.

**Fostering Talent and Unity:**
This competition not only celebrated the art of dance but also fostered unity and camaraderie among students. It was a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing both artistic talents and a sense of belonging within the student body.

**Winners and Beyond:**
While the competition did have its winners, every participant emerged as a victor in their own right, for they demonstrated the courage to express themselves through dance and celebrate our cultural diversity.

The Inter-House Folk Dance Competition was a resounding success, celebrating the beauty of dance and the vibrant tapestry of cultures within our school community. Goenka School remains dedicated to providing platforms that encourage the holistic development of its students.

**Stay tuned for more exciting events and enriching experiences at Goenka School as we continue to foster talents and celebrate our diverse heritage.**

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